So the provider I originally had with my cellphone serve got bought by a different company. So because of the changes and tower work there system is a bit different. The phone I had no longer receives pictures or texts of that nature. So to get my phone to work with there changed system I had to turn in my old phone, which I really like and was still working at 2+ years old and I only have another 10months on my contract and I was thinking about letting it run out due to the new company, though we will see how they are in the coming months where I renew or not as I also want to have a line just by my self an not have to share it with anyone. I currently share with my younger brother.

One credit card down

So I payed off one of my credit cards and now I am down to two and hopefully I will eventually get just down to one card. I am also paying off some old health bills that I have. I am slowly getting rid of the debt that I have.

Dog therapy just have a few more things then Hunter will be a registered therapy dog.

Vet vist ( all good) for dog Therapy test

So I took hunter to the vet today to get his annual check up rabies and one more check done and the vet said he was doing good that I had his weight down so I only really have about a pound to two pound really for him to lose. She thought his fur was really nice and she commented twice on it.

The only thing is that I need to get his teeth clean and I do not have the two hundred plus needed to get it done, so in the mean time I will just keep doing what I can to keep it down he gets his greenies in the morning and I try to clean his teeth regularly.

I have Hunter and I registered for the therapy dog testing and I am pretty sure he will pass, so wish me luck

Christmas tree, rearrangeing apartment , dog

Took down my Christmas tree today, and ended up doing some rearranging to my place though not much, slowly getting my place how it feels the way I want it to. Washed my dishes and now just need to put them away and looking to get hunter set up as a therapy dog.

Merry Christmas or happy holidays / family for dinner

So my family is having Christmas dinner at my place this year, five adults, a toddler and hunter my dog. So my younger brother, little sister( the toddler at 3+) my mom, step-dad and his mentally handicapped brother are going to come over, and I am the one that is cooking. Though the hardest part will be the turkey which will take between three to four hours to cook.

I already made the pies, they cam out really good and where really easy to make. that is a recipe I will save. The recipe was actually on the back of the mccormick pumpkin pie spice jar. I have my tree up and my presents wrapped. I was hoping to be able to use my really good/nice china but sense my step-dads brother is coming I will use my everyday dishs. This will be the first christmas without his mom and one of his sisters is being kinda dumb about the whole thing so my mom told me she was bringing him which is ok his is mellow with out her by him anyway.

Hunter will be also getting a bath so he will be nice and clean for when they come over.

Snow Snow and more Snow

Ok so not only do I did I have to dig my car out of my driveway but I had to dig it out at work too, but my car can handle the snow, it is a tough little honda. Hunter was funny hopping and I mean hopping because he has such short legs, in the snow he is my little snow dog.


So I went to the chiropractor last Monday due to my back being thrown out. It felt good to get my bad stretched out, and in two more visits I should be good he says. Still a little pain in my lower back but not nearly as bad as it was before.

I was a little skeptical about going, but I am so glad I did.

SOOOOO much anime/ netflix

Ok so I decided to sign up for netflix free trial, and it is great I can stream the videos straight to my tv though my wii, and it is also nice to to that the only video store in town stinks for video selection especially anime, and as I do not have the cash to buy the dvds I want renting is my best bet and I am soo behind on my anime/manga. What is nice is I do not have to worry about running to the other end on town to return the dvds, which usually I am late on.

My dog int in the local paper.

Well on the web site I have not had a chance to look at the paper paper version yet there are a few pictures of in there too. he is the one dress as a banana. Halloween is the only time I dress him up. The photographer when he got my name and what hunter was (breed) and costume he said he was sitting there nicely for the pictures.